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IBM Quantum Summit 2022 — What’s New

The quantum community came together to witness the debut of the 433-qubit IBM Quantum Osprey processor — and to dive into the newest Qiskit Runtime capabilities that will accelerate research and development and build towards quantum-centric supercomputing.

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New capabilities in Qiskit Runtime

Execute more demanding circuits and get higher-quality results with the new quantum capabilities

Error MitigationError Mitigation delivers more accurate expectation values through post-processing of quantum outputs. You can now take advantage of this functionality right in Qiskit Runtime.
Dynamic CircuitsDynamic circuits fundamentally change what is executable on IBM Quantum systems. Explore executing circuits with feedback and feedforward operations to extend what is possible with quantum circuits.
Middleware for QuantumOur new quantum middleware tools support decomposing and orchestrating workloads.The Circuit Knitting Toolbox allows developers to cut large circuits into smaller circuits suitable for current quantum computers.The Quantum Serverless library is a multicloud orchestration toolkit that allows you to connect elastic classical resources to the IBM Qiskit Runtime service.

The next generation of quantum systems

Explore the evolution of our quantum stack

Osprey: reaching 433 qubitsIBM Quantum has once again hit a key milestone on our hardware roadmap: the 433-qubit Osprey QPU. This builds on last year’s 127-qubit Eagle.
A first look at IBM Quantum System TwoIBM Quantum System Two is the next stage in quantum systems evolution, building on the achievements of the first-of-its-kind IBM Quantum System One. This system integrates the classical compute resources necessary to serve Osprey and future quantum processors, including modular devices. It also integrates new advanced cooling systems to support physically larger QPUs.
Quantum System Two

IBM Quantum Safe

How to secure telecom for the era of quantum computingQuantum computers create an urgent need for global institutions to rethink how they secure their digital infrastrucure. Together with Vodafone, we're putting our world-leading Quantum Safe cybersecurity methods into practice to protect customers.